Hi, I'm Jade D'Cruz, Video Journalist, Frequency Luminary, Author and Teacher

When imagination is all you've got - manipulate it!


This illuminating book is a powerful guide to help you grow into your spiritual power.
Since 2014, I have been co-creating my life with The Winged Beings of Light  -a collective of 11th dimensional Golden Master Frequencies  following my personal struggles of living under a black magic spell.  This book is a personal account of my journey but revealed with the guidance of The Winged Beings of Light - which provide the insight needed to break into your power.

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Spiritual Evolution
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What others have said

"This book will shift you, the reader, into more and possibly all of who you are meant to be. It is the soul food I have been looking for"

Janet Miller/Yarra Atlantica Miller, Divine Light Activator, Divine Light Show, USA

"The message of Jade's book is immaculate, including: unity: unconditional love: and the way we create our own world"

Jenny Rook, author, The book of the sun and ten fiction novels, UK

"Thank you Jade, for sharing through the dimensions, the space between, where we learn how we get where we are going only from where we have been. Beautiful"

Amy Grainger, modern day philosopher and author, founder of the Souls of One's feet, UK


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I have had a truly amazing Theta Healing with Jade recently. Jade’s energy is pure and her connection to source is remarkable. She has really helped me to move into another level, using her wonderful skills, she will empower you, so you can reach your full potential, in all areas of your life. I highly recommend Jade’s Theta Healing, you will be surprised how different you feel after her session. I can’t thank her enough. 

Susan Walters, Transformational healer, UK

‘I highly recommend working with Jade! My session with her was quite powerful as there has been an undeniable shift in the ease (and speed)with which things have been manifesting in my life ever since. Honestly, it’s almost unreal.

She cleared my Akashic records before our session, and during our session shared insightful information that deeply resonated with me. Some of this information even helped me forgive personal traits that I had previously judged because I didn’t know they were actually traits of my soul-family.

Also, Jade has such a lovely heart! She is such a caring, warm and confident person that you can’t help but feel held and safe when working with her.

Chernise Spruell, Light Language Coach, USA

‘Thank you so much Jada for my incredible Spirit guides reading. I didn’t really know what to expect but honestly, what came through floored me. It’s beautiful to know that I’m never alone, that I have a team who are ALWAYS by my side, and on my side. And most importantly for me, your reading gave me a level of awareness, clarity, and direction about my life, and my life’s purpose, in a way i couldn’t have imagined before. You’re and angel’.

Franco, Soul aligned coach,UK

‘I received my very first Akashic record reading and clearing with Jada at the beginning of June which was very in-depth and fascinating. I definitely feel that certain energy blocks have been lifted and that I am able to look at tricky situations and triggers that arise in a more objective and grounded manner. My creativity has also experienced a sudden boost. I would highly recommend her services as a healer.’

Stephanie, Artist,UK

I had my Akashic reading by Jada and it answered so many questions and sometimes simple confusions within my 3 dimensional life at this present time. Just wow.

If you are interested to find where your soul is from and how to live on earth RIGHT NOW with most purpose - get in touch with Jada

Inese, Sound healer, Finland

I always feel much better after my healing sessions with Jade. Clearer vision, lighter shoulder and deeper awakening. I get to know myself more and rejuvenate at every level. I couldn’t thank her enough for cleansing work that allowed me to be freed from my conditions and set me on the right path.

Julia, Teacher, Malaysia

Wow, I’ve just completed another theta healing session and it’s just phenomenal how this therapy has changed my life. I am now working so much more on what makes me happy. I cannot recommend Jade enough, her work is extraordinary.

Jasmine, Entrepreneur, UK

Jade is highly driven in supporting a service to others in supporting them in reaching their best potential. She performed a very thorough reading on me covering my akashic records and soul origins and nature. The reading resonated on many levels and it was wonderful and humbling to hear of some of my past lives. The expansion of understanding some of my soul’s origins and traits has supported and sharpened my resolve on my personal journey. Jade has provided an invaluable service which I highly recommend.

Andy, Meditation teacher UK

Jada helped me align with my star seed origins and is a gorgeous soul.

Renee, Shaman, USA

You are a wonderful soul and a very kind and helpful human being. You were instrumental in shifting my blocks and I do hope that anyone who gets stuck gets to experience your rays of light in their lives.

Maia, Female Leadership, Lebanon

Jada is amazing, I highly recommend her workshops. I’m gaining much insight through her wonderful gifts she has to offer. Jada’s workshop is truly amazing and inspiring. I can’t thank her enough,

Susan, Photographer, UK

I truly recommend Jada’s extraordinary talents as a theta healer; she is amazing.

I had an Akashic record reading with Jada, I must say it was a 3hr mind blowing session. I got to know so much deep hidden details that made me jump of my chair. She helped me clear all my past traumas and heightened my awareness that resonated so deeply with my soul. Just a few hours into checking my records and did all that had to be done, I could feel the effects. I felt very light…that heavy load left my body. She made sure that I understood all the information that was delivered to me. We even had a Q and A session at the end that helped me clear what I didn’t understand. Jada is gifted, very knowledgable and I massively appreciate her much detailed reading.

Rita, Business owner, Singapore

Before my session with Jada I had no idea which step I should take to help further my awakening. I came to Jada with so many different questions. Jada was so understanding and easy to talk to, I felt so comfortable and able to express myself without fear of judgment.

Ewa, Education, UK

Jada has helped me so much in the last couple of month; such a beautiful, kind, positive being. Check out some of her work to bring a smile to your life.

Shannon, Film Student, UK

Jada was recommended to me by a mutual friend after I’d mentioned I was curious about an Akashic Records reading. I couldn’t possibly have imagined how incredible it would turn out to be. It explained SO much about me, life, and why I do things the way I do in a way I’ve been seeking answers to but never found. Until now. My mind was truly blown and I was held in a beautifully safe and expansive space and to know my soul type is a rare visitor to Earth was just magical. Thank you so much Jada.

Franco, Soul aligned coach, UK

Jada has completed a few readings for me now, the last two in which she acted as a bridge between me and my spirit guides. I knew she was accurate as my guides have been described to me in the past before. It was fascinating and very helpful to receive the messages from my guides in this way. The way in which my questions were answered were totally resonant. The information came from a group that obviously knew me very well. I applaud Jade for providing this service. It is an invaluable tool for those those who are drawn to work in this way. I highly recommend it.

Andy, UK

Jada your Akashic readings are life changing. I tell people far and wide about you and your incredible skill. Everyone should have a reading from you! Everybody, everywhere. You have a wonderful skill and the more people who can benefit from it the better.

Rachel, Business owner, UK

You have such special gifts. It's hard to put it into words, the akashic readings you do are a mere part of it, but you can add such value and benefit to humanity. It is something that should be shouted about and I love that you are surrounding yourself with others on the same mission. It's just wonderful.

Rachel, UK

This (transformative) workshop will help you to achieve your dreams and desires. It will stretch you beyond your limitations. As you start to believe in yourself, Jada guides you through her excellent workshop with love, honesty and much support.

Susan, UK

I’ve been having theta healing with Jada since last April. Its changed the way I think about myself and I now have the guidelines in place to help guide my thinking. Jada’s work around values was really useful not just for big decisions, but as a way of seeing my self in every day life! I would recommend Jada to anyone looking for some guidance and clarification.

Nishi, Business owner, UK

Jada has really helped me to change my life. What she does is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone. I can’t describe in words how powerful Jada’s energy is; you really have to experience her sessions. Don’t hold yourself back. What ever you need to deal with in your life, this lady will help you.

Holly, Business owner, UK

‘When I connected with Jade I had no idea of how amazing her work would be. I had previously had theta but Jade has this unique way of making you feel honoured after you tell her your story. For me I felt great shame for the things I had experienced like everything was my fault. I had these belief systems around me like it was my duty to try to save everyone but me. A year later, things that had haunted for almost 3 decades, don’t now. It’s a miracle I have never felt judged by Jade, her patience and kindness is out of this world. Theta has changed me for the better. Most of all, Jade really genuinely wants you to heal and be at peace, she cares. I feel blessed to have met and worked with her, everyone needs a Jade in their life.

Loula-Rose, Business owner, UK

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